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  1. pwork Says:

    This is a drawing made by a 12-year old boy, Marinos. It was drawn after his class, the sixth form of the second primary school of Poros, came to the sanctuary for their first visit on November 2008. Marinos was not at the visit, but was in class when the teacher, Olga, asked the pupils to draw their visit to the sanctuary of Poseidon. When I went to collect their drawings after a while, I nearly left this hanging on the board, because I thought it was a template drawn by Olga. I could not believe it was made by a twelve year old. This was the beginning of our tentative and experimental -but at the same time very rewarding- school programme. We would like to thank again, through this medium, Dimitris, Angela, Katerina & Katerina, Ellin, Marinos, Chrysa, Dimitri, Vasiiliki, Spyros, Maria, Aggeliki, Spyros, Thanassis and their teacher Olga for their effort, their enthusiasm, and for turning our ethnography into great fun. This, with the other drawings made on that day, will be exhibited in the Kalaureia Project exhibition on the island of Poros on the 22nd of August 2009, alongside drawings made by the first grade of the first primary school of Poros.

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